May 24, 1999                     
Assembling the basement forms             fromseptic-s.jpg (11483 bytes)

tempramp-s.jpg (10798 bytes) Ramps to the left and right ramp-s.jpg (10641 bytes) 

The left hand ramp is purely temporary, while the right hand ramp will eventually become access to the door into the master bedroom.  The ground slopes up somewhat in front of the house, facing west, to facilitate these access ramps.   Eventually, this level will be midway on the 8' wall, on the "front door" section.

tripod052499-s.jpg (13992 bytes)The view from the "tripod" corner...facing roughly east

forms3-s.jpg (12842 bytes)     forms2-s.jpg (14123 bytes) assembling the forms  forms-s.jpg (12603 bytes)

forms5-s.jpg (13938 bytes)  forms7-s.jpg (14936 bytes)  inside-s.jpg (15243 bytes)

north052499-s.jpg (13246 bytes)

  NE052499-s.jpg (13433 bytes)north   south052499-s.jpg (13322 bytes)  south