June 4th, 1999

8:45 am, a stranger strolls up our driveway, and informs us that his truck is stuck on a curve.  A few short minutes later, we find that he's indeed "stuck" on the final hairpin turn on Melvin Mills Road, before the turn for Newmarket road.  The situation is caused by insufficient grade on the turn, as well as way too much sand left on the road from the winter's sandings.  After a LOT of encouraging help from Chappy, our excavator, and two new pushbrooms sweeping away the sand from under the truck, we finally managed to move the truck the rest of the way to the driveway.

We then spend another hour or so, simply getting the truck turned around correctly so that he could back straight up the driveway.

image p0001156.jpg  image p0001158.jpg Oh the excitement!  The truck is here with our dome pieces!

Our driver, "Robar" image p0001159.jpg  was probably never happier to be off to find a good restaurant!image p0001161.jpg

12:00 noon, Chappy, Doreen, and Krystin gets the first glimpse of the dome pieces filling the 53' trailer:image p0001162.jpg    image p0001166.jpg We are eternally grateful to Doreen and Dayle
for spending the entire day unloading the truck!    image p0001173.jpg 

image p0001175.jpg triangles, triangles, and more triangles!!!

the view from the inside of the truck: image p0001171.jpg

image p0001176.jpg Dan and Mary encouraging a triangle to the door of the trailer (Dan M. is behind as well)


 image p0001177.jpg image p0001178.jpg

Dan M. and Doreen sharing the job of carrying one of the rim joists

image p0001179.jpg  Bob was a one-man army...arriving late in the day, about 5:00pm, but definitely needed and appreciated!image p0001182.jpg

image p0001181.jpg   Krystin and Patience had a grand time running up and down the length of the trailer!

image p0001184.jpg image p0001185.jpg image p0001183.jpg

All the parts piled by shape and color...but OFF the truck!!!


image p0001170.jpg image p0001180.jpg image p0001187.jpg

Going, going.....gone

image p0001192.jpg This foot, at the start of the day, was bearing weight upon this rock.   At day's end, we discovered nearly an inch of air space between rock and foot!