June 5, 1999

After yesterday's expoits with unsticking the truck from several turns, we were somewhat trepidatious about successfully extricating the trailer from our driveway.   This time, we armed ourselves with the camera (and a pushbroom, which was not needed, this time):

image p0001193.jpg Robar attempting to back into the driveway, blocking "traffic".

 image p0001195.jpg Successful docking with the kingpin, the truck is reunited with it's cab.

image p0001196.jpg Robar asks us to follow him down Melvin Mills Road, as he's uncertain of the final right hand turn onto the bridge.

 image p0001198.jpg 1st try, too close to the right side of the bridge, and this little "E2" sign

.image p0001199.jpg Second try's the charm

image p0001200.jpg Good bye! Robar!