June 13, 1999

image p0001350.jpg Our primary focus this weekend is this lovely electrical box. We need to get power hooked up, and have given up completely on temporary power at this point.  Inspection is scheduled for Monday on our permanent hookup for our 200amp service.

image p0001351.jpg image p0001352.jpg

Framing appears to be complete, and well braced, all ready for the joists.

So, it's high time we moved the TJI's up from their location on the side of the driveway (roughly 300 feet up-hill and around a curve).  The main problem was their shear length...how to drape 52 feet of TJI on an 8' trailer bed?

 image p0001353.jpg image p0001354.jpg

We had a surprise visit from Chappy, our excavator, who offered to take our heavy dome pieces up the driveway with his bucket loader...

image p0001355.jpg image p0001356.jpg image p0001357.jpg