June 14, 1999

We finally passed our electric inspection, and now await the arrival of PSNH to pull the wire from their pole through our underground conduit.

We got rained on periodically, today, with some serious amounts of water falling at a pretty intensive rate.  Below is a picture of the reason why you want to place the dome pieces with the one on top of the pile "face up".  Note the mini pools formed from just one downpour!

.P0001361-s.jpg (10039 bytes)

P0001362-s.jpg (10896 bytes)  P0001363-s.jpg (13161 bytes)  Work has begun on the floor joists

  P0001365-s.jpg (8651 bytes)  (Krystin swimming in our new basement "pool")

P0001366-s.jpg (10869 bytes)  P0001367-s.jpg (13041 bytes)

A closer look at the parallams, still damp from the latest downpour.

We finally gave up trying to work through the rain today, all of us thoroughly drenched.  Krystin had the right idea donning her swimsuit and splashing about in the pools.  Think like a duck!  Hopefully the weather will hold out better tomorrow.