March 1999  (see also Pictures from March 31, 1999)

The snow is rapidly melting away, and revealing the building lot that has lay hidden utility.jpg (43216 bytes)

under a thick layer of ice and snow. This picture shows our utility pole, still waiting for electric, we're told that the pole must be at the exact edge of the foundation in order to be hooked up, so we have to wait until the forms are in for the basement, so we can get exact placement.  At that point, we'll have to relocate the conduit to turn in toward the dome.


We had a banner Spring day this past weekend, (March 27) and thoroughly enjoyed shedding the winter coats while we cleared some more trail.


hills.jpg (16881 bytes)   The hillside looks a little different, with some earth shoved around  so that the foundation drain could be installed.  In the foreground, you can see one of many very muddy puddles, formed from the quick snowmelt.

lot1s.jpg (15170 bytes)  lots.jpg (18230 bytes)

The new foundation drain:

drain1s.jpg (19006 bytes)   drain2s.jpg (16617 bytes)   drain3s.jpg (16132 bytes)

Pictures from March 31, 1999