Watts Dome Raising - May 1999

May 1999

May 6th, 1999 CLOSING DAY!  Landmark Title, Dan, Mary, Steve
May 14, 1999   


May 19, 1999: Construction has begun! Henniker Sand and Gravel, Steve, and Chappy
May 21, 1999  Still no forms?
May 24, 1999: Henniker Sand and Gravel assembling the forms for the basement walls. Henniker Sand and Gravel
May 25, 1999 : My birthday! Henniker Sand and Gravel finish the forms, and pour the basement walls. Henniker Sand and Gravel
May 26, 1999: The forms are off the newly formed basement walls!  Prep-work for wall support pour. Henniker Sand and Gravel, Chappy, Mary, Josh and Krystin
May 27, 1999  Tar sealant on outside of foundation, begin of backfill, wait in vain for cement pour. Chappy, Mary and Krystin
May 28, 1999  Pour of the floor trenches 22-s.jpg (8643 bytes) Henniker Sand and Gravel, Chappy
May 29, 1999: Memorial Day weekend. Install the vapor barrier, insulation, and wire mesh. ne990529-s.jpg (11096 bytes) Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin,
May 30, 1999: Memorial Day weekend. Begin installation of radiant tubing. 77-s.jpg (9363 bytes) Dan, Mary, Josh
May 31, 1999: Memorial Day weekend. Complete installation of radiant tubing. P0001134-s.jpg (6157 bytes) Dan, Mary, Josh

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