Watts Dome Raising - June 1999

June 1999

June 1st, 1999 Delivery of the Porto-let P0001143-s.jpg (10373 bytes) Henniker Septic Service
June 4th, 1999 Delivery of the Dome kit! p0001183-s.jpg (9998 bytes) Doreen, Dayle, Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin, Bob, DanM, Robar
June 5th, 1999: Covenant Transport sendoff! p0001198-s.jpg (9188 bytes) Dayle, Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin
June 6th, 1999: The covered piles of dome pieces. p0001212-s.jpg (8944 bytes) Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin
June 7th, 1999: Cellar Floor pour, and our first inspection. p0001277-s.jpg (6190 bytes) Dave and crew, Chappy, Mary, Josh, Krystin
June 8th, 1999: Excavation, Cellar work P0001292-s.jpg (15941 bytes) Chappy, Steve, Scott, Mary, Dan
June 9th, 1999: Rework of utility conduit, interior cellar framing p0001303-s.jpg (9489 bytes) Steve, Scott, Mary, Josh, Krystin,
June 10th, 1999: Complete utility conduit, interior cellar framing p0001331-s.jpg (9489 bytes) Steve, Scott, Mary, Krystin,
June 11th, 1999: More framing, electrical p0001351-s.jpg (9022 bytes) Steve, Scott, Dan, Mary
June 13th, 1999 Moving material up the driveway to be nearer to the domesite. p0001356-s.jpg (8417 bytes) Mary, Dan, Chappy
June 14th, 1999 Starting on floor joists P0001367-s.jpg (13041 bytes) Steve, Scott, Mary, and RAIN!
June 15th, 1999 More floor joists... p0001371-s.jpg (8367 bytes) Steve, Scott
June 16th, 1999 The floor appears! p0001379-s.jpg (6807 bytes) Steve, Scott
June 17th, 1999 The floor is complete! Steve, Scott
June 18th, 1999 Preparations for the Dome raising p0001391-s.jpg (9207 bytes) Chris, Don, Jacob, Kimberly, Earl, Josh, Krystin, Dan, Mary
June 19th, 1999 DOME RAISING, Day One p0001393-s.jpg (9042 bytes) Linda, Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin, Chris, Don, Jacob, Kimberly, Mark, Tigger, Jake, Maggi, Dan, Pat, Jake Jr., Adam, Jeff, Bob, Meredith, Earl, Eleanor, Dayle, Debbie, Warren, Mike, Adele, JV, Betsy, Ken, Dave, Ulla, Cory, Lou, Dean
June 20th, 1999 DOME RAISING, Day Two p0001531-s.jpg (9042 bytes) Linda, Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin, Chris, Don, Jacob, Kimberly, Maggi, Earl, Eleanor, Tigger, Dayle, Cory, Cathy, Ragnar, Arden, Eva, Abigail, Phoebie, Barbara, Steve, Julie, Joe, Donna
June 21st, 1999 Covering the windows to keep out the rain p0001580-s.jpg (9042 bytes) Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin, Chris, Don, Jacob, Kimberly
June 22nd, 1999 Interior wall framing is begun p0001583-s.jpg (9042 bytes) Steve, Scott
June 23rd, 1999 Roofing materials arrive p0001625-s.jpg (9042 bytes) Dan, Mary, Josh, Krystin, Tim
June 24th, 1999 Krystin's Beanie Tower p0001647-s.jpg (5171 bytes)
June 25th, 1999 p0001654-s.jpg (5993 bytes)
June 26th, 1999 Learning "the ropes" - Installation of the exterior insulation begins. p0001655-s.jpg (6369 bytes)

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